Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wow, it's getting close!!!

So, today was the Betrothal Ceremony at church. We went to the 12:15 mass, and all (well, most) of the engaged couples in the parish were there to receive a blessing and to be prayed over. At one point they had us turn and face our soon-to-be husband or wife, and look each other in the eyes as they prayed for us. It was such an incredible feeling. It felt so REAL, and I think I finally realized that this is really happening. It's one thing to be putting deposits down on reception halls, flowers, DJ's, limo's and all that...but to be standing in front of an entire parish, in the sanctuary, staring into the eyes of the one that you're about to promise yourself to for It felt amazing!!! I got a little teary a couple of times, and so did Michael. I was picturing us standing there: me in my gown, him in his tux, reciting our vows and it hit me. This is the man I'm going to spend the rest of my life with. The one I will start my own family with. The one I will share all of me with. I haven't felt that happy...ever. Then, him being the goof ball he is, started winking at me. He's so silly. :-)

Wednesday, we headed to Target to start registering. When we got there, they explained to us what to do to get started. Once we were done with the first part, we headed back over to the service desk to get our scanner. The girl gave us a little "pouch" that had suggestions of items to register for, along with a couple of coupons, and the tickets to include in the invitations. It was fantastic! They were so helpful, and we were done within a couple of hours. I printed the registry off on Thursday when I went to work so we have a record of it. Then, Friday, we went to Sears to register also. Let me tell was a pain in the butt!!! The first lady we talked to, just said "Go upstairs, the gift registry is in the children's department". We headed upstairs and went to the first counter we saw (not even realizing that we had just walked past the computer that is used to start the registry). When we got to the counter, the conversation went something like this:
Guy 1: Can I help you?
Me: Yes, we need to create a wedding registry.
Guy 1: How many items to you need to add.
Me: I don't know, we haven't started yet.
Guy 1: Did you already go through the steps on the computer?
Me: No, we need to start one. We haven't started one yet.
Guy 1: Oh, well go over there and put all your information in, and we'll add the items for you.
Me: So when we're done with this, are we going to get tickets or something to include in the invitations?
Guy 1: They will have to pull up your information online to see your registry.
Hmm...o...k...So we go over to the computer and start the registry. Putting in name, address, blah, blah, blah. We printed out the sheet and took it back to the guy at the counter. The next conversation went something like this:
Guy 1: Let me call someone who knows how to do this.
He gets on the phone and talks to someone about how to work the scanner (it obviously wasn't working properly for him), and another guy comes over to the counter. He gets the scanner working and:
Guy 1: They want to know if they'll get tickets or something to include in the invitations.
Guy2: No, they will have to log in to your registry to view it.
Me: Ok, but do we get something to include in the invitations to let people know that we're registered here?
Guy 2: No, they have to log in to it.
Me: O...K...
So we took the scanner and headed out. The first 10 minutes we felt like we were in the clearance department or something. We started scanning things, and before we knew it we were getting a message on the scanner saying something like "Non registry-eligible item scanned". Hmm...try it again. Same message. Oh well, moving on. We got that message 5 or 6 times throughout the night. It was annoying...along with a couple of "Item not found" or "No price found" messages. We wound up with 6 or 7 things that we couldn't scan and add. The last message was the best though..."Thank you for adding your items. Your registry has been updated." Now, this was AS WE WERE SCANNING an item to add. Ok, screw it...we're done. We headed back to the cash register again with the scanner:
Guy 1: All set?
Us: Sure, we guess.
Guy 1: Ok, your registry should be available online now.
Me: So, we don't get anything to put into the invitations to let people know we're registered here?
Guy 1: I don't think so, but let me check with her (another employee).
He called the lady over and said: Do they get anything with their registry?
Lady: No, just this.
Me: So no tickets? (By now I probably sound anal, but it just makes sense!!!)
Lady: No, we used to do that but they stopped for some reason.
Me: Ok, so how do we let people know we're registered here?
Lady: You'll have to give them your user name and password, and they'll just log into your registry.
OMG YOU'RE KIDDING ME!?!? Ok, fine. So we left the store with a little brochure, and a price ticket with a bunch of things written on that we couldn't add at the store. They have all since been added though. I have also discovered that you don't have to log into OUR registry to view it... Oh was frustrating, and by the time we left the store my feet were killing me, and I was cranky.

We are officially 4 months and 5 days away!!! Yay!!!


"Happiness is the feeling you're feeling when you want to keep feeling it."
-Author Unknown


Jaibee said...

Ah, yes, fun with weddings... :)

Question for you: Would Cletus be able and willing to install a new thermostat for me? I need a boy to do these things.... :)

Kasia said...

Oh, Sears was such a pain in the neck! Canuck and I initially were going to register there and at BB&B...figured Sears was the only major store on both sides of the border, and who wants to double-register or skip items b/c of trying to guess who would buy what?

Well, it turns out that Sears and Sears Canada are two distinct entities guessed it, two distinct registries. So we registered with instead. Much easier, and truly internationally accessible!

I'm so glad the betrothal was so nice...wish we had had one, but them's the breaks. Happy betrothal!!! :-)

Peanut Publications said...

Jaibee - he says it depends on what is existing, and what you want it replaced with...

Kasia - yes...Sears was a pain in the patootie!!! Much easier to do online. lol

Jaibee said...

Old thingy. Pretty basic. Replace with new thingy, says it's compatible with about 99% of the furnaces out there. :) Helpful, isn't it? :)

Old one is one of those old dial-type things, where you move the one needle to where you want the temp to be, and the other on the bottom shows you where it is.