Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Stop 'N Shop!

Well, Saturday was the stop 'n shop that I've had set up for...oh...3 months or so? I was totally excited about it from the very beginning! There was a list of ten vendors that were going to be here at first, and that allowed something for *everyone* that stopped by. Men and women alike.

We wound up with just seven vendors - including myself - on Saturday: Origami Owl, Thirty-One Gifts, Pure Romance, Norwex, Mary Kay, PartyLite, and Wildtree. While we definitely didn't get the foot traffic we were hoping for, it was a lot of fun meeting these great ladies, and being introduced to some other great companies! We're planning to make it an annual event, or maybe bi-annual at some point, so hopefully that will allow people to see that! ;-) Oh, and next time, I'll remember to send out more than just the Facebook know, like email and snail mail. Maybe we should start planning now for next years event so we can stay on top of it! Ha!

I'm definitely looking forward to keeping in touch with these ladies in the future!

God bless,

Would you be interested in an event like this? What companies/products would you like to see available?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Another Hair Update!

Well, next weekend is the "big weekend"!!! I'll be donating my hair and saying "good-bye" to my long hair. I'm a little sad, but I know it will grow back.

Here's the back story:
Hair Post #1
Hair Post #2 - The first pic!
Hair Post #3

And here's my newest update! I went to have my hair treated for chemical buildup and rust removal...check out the before and after!

Next weekend is going to come FAST...and this weekend I'm hosting a vendor event of sorts at my house. Should be good times! I'll have Norwex, Pure Romance, Party Lite, Thirty One, Mary Kay, and of Wildtree! :-) Should be good times!

Watch for before and after pics of my hair next weekend! I'm getting nervous!

God bless!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ice Storm 2013 - Photo Overload!

Sorry this is so late. I had intended on having this posted before the new year...but...yeeeaaahhhh........

On December 22, 2013, some states were hit with an ice storm that would rival the one from the '80's. It was absolutely beautiful, but devastating at the same time. If you know me at all, you will know that I love winter, and am an avid snow lover. However, I will take three feet of snow over the smallest amount of ice any day. Both are stunning, but ice is just plain dangerous. This time around was no different. The storm knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people (we were out for 5 1/2 days), and caused a record amount of downed wires. Crews were working crazy long hours trying to get everyone restored...more on that in another post. For now...PICTURES!!!

This is not the full lot of pictures, but this should get the point across! Like I said...beautiful, but so dangerous and destructive.

God bless!

Tell Me I'm Not Alone on This?

Have you ever wanted something to work so bad, but it just...doesn't?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Storm/Emergency Bin Preparation Has Begun!

If you know me at all...or if you've been following my blog for any extended period of time, you've probably caught on to the fact that severe weather and I don't get all. I don't like the threat of tornadoes, and hurricanes scare me half to death even though we don't get them up here in Michigan. Last year I refused to let anxiety get the best of me, so I decided to put together a "storm bin". I thought "Hey, maybe it will help ease my anxiety in the whole "severe weather" realm", and you know something? It helps!!! After all, I now have three small children to worry about during the day. One doesn't know how to climb stairs yet, one doesn't focus well enough to actually do what he's asked sometimes, and the other, well...she would chatter the entire. way. to the basement. So! I made a list of the necessities that could remain in the basement, threw them in a bin, and viola! Easy prep! Now, whenever there is a threat of tornadoes, I have less to worry about, and can focus on the other items that I want to "save" included. ;-)

When that first mention of "possible tornadoes" comes out, here's what I do. I grab a diaper bag, and start putting items for the kids in it that aren't in the storm bin like toys/books, a few diapers, medicine if needed (Motrin/Tylenol/Orajel/antibiotics/etc), pajamas, bed "toys", their blankets, toothbrushes/toothpaste, tennis shoes, jackets, etc. I take the diaper bag downstairs when it's done, and start grabbing the other things that I would be devastated to lose (which are in fact replaceable, so it wouldn't be the complete end of the world if it happened): My laptop (sometimes I grab Michael's, too), our two external hard drives which are LOADED with photographs, my camera/lenses, a couple more flashlights, our little waterproof lantern, and my purse. Like I said...replaceable, but not at the same time. I try to do this without the kids seeing, because I don't want my anxiety to show too bad to them. I need them to remain calm so that they will listen should the need arise. We also have a huge space bag down there also that has a bunch of blankets in it. It stays in the same general area as where the storm bin is, so it's easily accessible!

Now, onto the contents of the actual bin:

  • Water - I don't remember what the recommended amount per person is, but this year I will have two 1 gallon jugs in or near my bin
  • Snacks - The kind that have a long expiration date so they can sit down there for 6 months without us having to worry about them. I'll probably have cracker sandwiches, protein bars, granola bars...things like that
  • Diapers - A full package for Alaina, and a few for Justin when he sleeps
  • Wipes
  • Diaper cream
  • Pacifier for Alaina
  • Sippy cup for Alaina
  • 4 plastic cups - for the rest of us
  • A full change of clothes for all three kids - Hey, you never know!!!
  • Paper towels
  • A roll of toilet paper
  • Kleenex
  • Zip top storage bags (to help keep down the smell of wet, stinky diapers)
  • First Aid Kit - The one I bought is actually made in Michigan
  • Hairbrush/rubber bands/barrettes/bobby pins/nail file/nail clippers
  • Blanket
  • Trash bag
Here is a picture of the contents of the bin so far. I still need to add the water, snacks, package of diapers, changes of clothes, and Kleenex. Not too bad for now! :-)

I hope this can help someone else! If you have a storm/emergency bin, what do you put in it? What is the main use of it? What was your motivation for having one?

God bless!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Put me in Jail, I Stole Questions!

Ok, I didn't really steal them. My good friend Jenn from Critical Mass tagged me so I must participate! :-) I don't actually have to, but I want to. I think these things are fun! However, I won't be tagging others, so if you wish to participate, I'll post some questions at the bottom! Answer them on your blog, then link back here to your post!

Now, on to the questions!

1. What is the best characteristic of your spouse/best friend?
Hmm...this is a tough one. I have a lot that I like about my husband, and many times, others don't get to see these good qualities. If I have to choose just one, though, it is that he's a great daddy. To a fault. He comes home from work, and rather than run off to work on one of the 5,000,000,000 projects we need done in and around the house, he plays with the kids. He eats dinner with us - as a family, he helps with baths and bed time. Now, the reason I said he is this 'to a fault' is because even simple, quick tasks wait until after bed time. Dishes, paying bills, emailing his work stuff. Things like that. On weekends, he'll go out during nap time, but rarely while the kids are awake unless it's something that *really* needs attention. It just figures that the days that we have pressing projects are the days I need him to help me the most! haha!

2. What is your least favorite routine task and why?
Getting out of bed in the morning? Ok, I'm kidding! Probably cleaning the bathrooms. I love me a clean bathroom but man...if getting there wasn't the most annoying thing ever! Maybe because there are three little humans running around my house trying to distract me and get into everything I'm trying to do. Or they try to beat each other up...or make the others run away... Let's just say toilet water, cleaning supplies, and sweeping don't go well with three children age four and under.

3. What part of your faith life do you think is particularly strong?
This one is tough for me. I really don't feel like my faith life is as strong as it should be...or could be for that matter. We always say grace before eating dinner as a family, and we always say prayers before putting the kids to bed at night. My little random spurts of "God give me strength/patience/etc." during the day probably count for something, too. ;-)

4. What is your favorite way of giving back to the community/taking care of your neighbor?
I have a few friends that are all pregnant and/or just had babies, and I've offered to give, or will be giving baby stuff to nearly all of them. I figure if we can't/don't use it right now, someone else might as well! I think we'll have a lot of stuff going to a mother's shelter pretty soon.

5. What was your favorite place to visit on a vacation/trip/pilgrimage and what should I not miss if I go there?
Well, I'm going to focus on the places that I've been outside of the US, so that narrows it down to Canada, Cancun, and Ireland. Of those three places...Ireland. Hands down. It is so pretty over there. The people are so nice, the buildings, the's all just so...*sigh* I want to go back. It's been the best trip of my life so far, and I got to spend it with my mom. If you go, go see the Cliffs of Moher. We didn't get to! I will say that you should stay in the small hotels more than the big ones. We stayed at Bru Bar & Hostel for the first 3 nights and it was so neat!!! Noisy...but neat. Drink the Guinness. It's so much better over there! Visit Kinsale for the colors and the views, too. We took a walking tour there, and when we left on the walking tour, the harbor was very, very low. When we came back, it looked like a totally different harbor! Filled to the brim!

6. If you are sad, how do you cheer yourself up?
Big hugs. Whether from my kids, or my hubby. Or, I dance around like a fool with the kids for a few minutes. It's amazing what a little dancing can do for the soul. :-) If that doesn't work, I lock myself in the bedroom and crochet for a while.

7. What book(s) do you think everyone needs to read?
Well, I haven't read very many books lately, and I don't remember many of the ones I've read in the past, so this one is tough. I would have to say "Tuesdays with Morrie" and "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" by Mitch Album, "The Door to December" and "Dragon Tears" by Dean Koontz. Dragon Tears was the book that got me BACK into reading. I couldn't put it down!

8. If the Church were to canonize you, what would we remember you for?
Bringing my "disruptive" kids to mass. :-)

9. What do you most look forward to in the next 5 years?
Short term? Vacation...haha
Long term? Watching my kids grow up. Five years from now, Julia will be 9 (TEAR!!!), Justin will be 7, almost 8, and Alaina will be 6. They will all be in school, and I'll be able to watch their little personalities develop even more, and to see what kind of person they're all going to become.

10. What do you like best about your job/daily work?
Well, I'm a stay-at-home mom turned Wildtree representative, so there's a LOT that I like! I get to watch my kids grow up every day. I get to see them develop, and I get to see all of their "firsts". It's extremely stressful and exhausting, but I love it. The Wildtree thing just started recently, and I'm still trying to get it off the ground, but I love that I get to help people eat MUCH more healthy, but still absolutely delicious meals! There are options for everyone, and all of the people that I work with are amazing. Click on one of those links and see what Wildtree can do for you! I'm looking for people to join me on this journey, so if you don't LOVE your job, come check it out!

11. What questions do you have for me?
1) What do you think it was (aside from being called) that made you decide to become Catholic?
2) What was it that pulled you so deep into your faith after being Atheist?
3) What advice would you give those that want to deepen their faith, but haven't been able to find that "wow" moment yet?

Well, there you have it! My questions stolen from Jenn at Critical Mass! I hope you enjoyed them, and I hope you will take a moment to answer the questions I have for you below.

Questions for my readers:
1. If you could move somewhere, with cost not counted as an obstacle, where would it be and why?
2. What's your favorite activity to unwind?
3. Have you ever met a celebrity? How did it happen?
4. What has been your favorite job so far - if you've had any? Do you LOVE what you're doing?
5. Are you crafty? Artsy? What do you do?
6. If you went to school (college/university) or are going to school, what did/are you studying?
7. How do you get around town? Bus? Train? Drive? Bike?
8. What season is your favorite? (And what general area are you from?)
9. What is your favorite motivational phrase?
10. Do you have a favorite sport?
11. What made you start blogging?

Be sure to come back and share a link to your post!
God bless!