Sunday, October 21, 2012

I'm on a MISSION!!!

For quite some time, I've wanted to donate my hair to Locks of Love, or some organization of that sort. Well, back when I was in eighth grade, I got my hair permed. I loved it. For the week that it lasted. I nearly immediately decided that I was going to grow my hair, chop it off, and start all over again! Fast forward to my freshman year in high school. My hair had grown to about half way between my shoulder blades and my waist, and I thought to myself "FINALLY! I can go donate my hair!". Little did I know they wouldn't take chemically treated hair. Hmph. So anyways, I walked in and said "I want to get rid of this perm and donate some hair." The lady chops off about 10" of my hair right away, and proceeds to tell me there isn't enough to donate. At this point, I was still unaware of the 'no chemically treated hair' thing, so I said "What about what you just cut???" THEN she tells me they can't take it. Oh, great. So here I'm sitting with my hair up to my chin, wanting to cry because I just hacked off 75% of my hair only to find out that I couldn't even donate it! I was sad to say the least.

Today, after my shower, I actually blow dried my hair, which I haven't done in at least a couple of months or more. I usually have it pulled back in a pony tail, so I don't see it too much. Well. Having my hair pulled back like that for so long, kind of hid it's true length. I was surprised to see that it's just below my shoulders already! I really (like, REALLY) need to make it a point to not have my hair in a pony tail so much. 1 - it's not healthy for it, and 2 - if I'm going to have it tied back all the time, I might as well just chop it all off, right???

Well, here's my mission. I want to donate hair. Really bad. No, I'm not going to run out and shave my head. I'm not THAT anxious to do it, yet. But I'm going to do it in the next few years. My plan is to let it grow...LONG. I'm talking down to my waist long. Then, I'm going to go in, donate about 12" and find a cut/style that I really like and actually maintain it. I want my hair to be long enough afterwards to be able to pull over my shoulder and braid, or to use my cool little hair thing that I bought in well as other clips and accessories. I have this really bad habit of hacking off my hair every couple of years, though. I'm hoping that by posting this here, it will help hold me accountable!

Go ahead...please ask me sometime how long my hair is. I'll post a current picture as proof that I haven't cut it all off!!! Also, I will post a "beginning" photo over the next few days just so you all can see where I'm starting. :-)

God bless!

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Krystin Kutler said...

That's really cool! I did that last Oct and am currently growing it out again to do it for next Oct. :) Just in case, there are lots of places to donate to. There's Pantene and then there's a place in St. Clair Shores that does the haircutting for a children's group. I think that one needs to be at least 12 inches! GL!!! :D