Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Stop 'N Shop!

Well, Saturday was the stop 'n shop that I've had set up for...oh...3 months or so? I was totally excited about it from the very beginning! There was a list of ten vendors that were going to be here at first, and that allowed something for *everyone* that stopped by. Men and women alike.

We wound up with just seven vendors - including myself - on Saturday: Origami Owl, Thirty-One Gifts, Pure Romance, Norwex, Mary Kay, PartyLite, and Wildtree. While we definitely didn't get the foot traffic we were hoping for, it was a lot of fun meeting these great ladies, and being introduced to some other great companies! We're planning to make it an annual event, or maybe bi-annual at some point, so hopefully that will allow people to see that! ;-) Oh, and next time, I'll remember to send out more than just the Facebook know, like email and snail mail. Maybe we should start planning now for next years event so we can stay on top of it! Ha!

I'm definitely looking forward to keeping in touch with these ladies in the future!

God bless,

Would you be interested in an event like this? What companies/products would you like to see available?

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