Thursday, April 24, 2014

Another Hair Update!

Well, next weekend is the "big weekend"!!! I'll be donating my hair and saying "good-bye" to my long hair. I'm a little sad, but I know it will grow back.

Here's the back story:
Hair Post #1
Hair Post #2 - The first pic!
Hair Post #3

And here's my newest update! I went to have my hair treated for chemical buildup and rust removal...check out the before and after!

Next weekend is going to come FAST...and this weekend I'm hosting a vendor event of sorts at my house. Should be good times! I'll have Norwex, Pure Romance, Party Lite, Thirty One, Mary Kay, and of Wildtree! :-) Should be good times!

Watch for before and after pics of my hair next weekend! I'm getting nervous!

God bless!

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