Monday, December 2, 2013

One Month of Thanks - 2013

This is the third year that I've tried to do this consistently, so here is the full month compilation! Some of these have been edited from the Facebook posts, so if you're seeing them both places, that is the discrepancy you will notice. :-)

November 1: Today I am thankful for my sister and my brother-in-law. They let me drag the kids over to their house today even though they weren't going to be there much! We did have other options, but their house is most familiar. :-)
November 2: I am thankful for our fireplace. It kept us warm when we had no power for the second day in a row.
November 3: I am thankful for good times with good friends and family.
November 4: I am thankful for prayer! Any time I'm feeling low or inadequate, I can turn to prayer - and Jesus - to get myself feeling better.
November 5: I am thankful for the little people that I carried in my womb. They make my family whole...even when they annoy me to no end.
November 5 part 2: I am SO thankful that today has been dubbed movie day. Lord give me patience...
November 6: I am thankful for DAY CARE DAY!!!
November 7: I am thankful for Michael's job, which allows me to stay home and watch the kids grow. They may drive me crazy some days, but it's totally worth it.
November 8: I am thankful...There are too many things swimming around in my head today to choose just one. I am simply thankful. Sometimes it just needs to be that way.
November 9: I am thankful for quiet mornings with hot coffee.
November 10: Today...I am thankful for air freshener. Way to stink up half the house, little girl! haha
November 11: I am thankful for our home. It's not just a house for us. It is HOME. We fought for it...and I'm so glad we did...
November 12: I am thankful for pediatrician offices that work with you over the phone to give you options and save you a possible trip and nearly $100 in co-pays.
November 13: I am thankful for new opportunities! Looking forward to watching my sister grow her new awesome business!
November 14: I am thankful for my hook and yarn. Crocheting relaxes me and allows my mind to let go of the stress as well.
November 15: I am thankful for my faith. Without it, many days I would feel lost.
November 16: I am thankful for my husband. He may drive me crazy some days, but he is our family's rock. He works hard so I can be home with the kids all day, AND...he's putting everything in the blind for me this morning.
November 17: I am thankful for still, quiet days, hot coffee (again) in the mornings, and the opportunity yesterday to rekindle my love of reading.
November 18: I am thankful for flashlights, generators, bottled water, and food that doesn't require cooking. And candles.
November 19: I am thankful for my mom for letting the kids and I spend the night, and my sis and brother-in-law again. Thanks everyone.
November 20: I am thankful that my kids are happy and mostly healthy. They're being troopers with all this house hopping while we wait to see which "1130 pm" estimate from DTE is right.
November 21: Today, I am thankful for my Moby wrap!
November 22: I am thankful for hugs, snuggles, and kisses from my kids (and my husband). They make me feel like I'm doing a good job on my hardest days.
November 23: I am thankful for hot soup on cold days.
November 24: I am so thankful for our heat, water, electricity, roof, clothing, etc.
November 25: I am thankful for good sleeps from the kids. They help me to feel rested in the morning.
November 26: I am thankful that I enjoy every season this awesome state has to offer!
November 27: I am thankful that I am able to be a stay-at-home mom, with a husband that doesn't look at me as a maid and cook. I'm so glad that I get to watch the kids grow and develop!
November 28: Today I am thankful for my family! I am also thankful for my friends...the friends that I've lost, the friends that I've gained, those I've known for years, and those I've never met. I love you all, and wouldn't trade any of you for anything!
November 29: I am thankful for the innocence of children.
November 30: I am thankful that I was given the opportunity to put meat in my family's freezer. Even though I had the ONLY opportunity between all of the times Michael and I went out, and I blew it, I'm still thankful for the chance!

What are you thankful for? Share with me! I love hearing positive things. :-)

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