Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 3...

Well, we're already half way through the Fourth Annual Commenting Challenge hosted by Jenna at Jenna's Journey! It's never too late to join in, so head on over and link up with her! I'll admit, I haven't been as active with this challenge as I would like to be, but these kiddos are keeping me on my toes lately!

I've decided to add a little bit about me. A couple of things that I love which didn't get mentioned yesterday, are I love to run, and I love taking pictures.

I ran on the track team in high school, mainly doing hurdles, but I discovered a love of distance running. Enter the Couch to 5K app on my phone! I started a while back, but had to stop because I thought my milk supply was dwindling. Took a couple of months off, and just started back up this past Monday. Since I'm breastfeeding, I have to ease myself into it. Meaning, start slowly...the only problem I have with that is that I can't NOT run all out, every time. If I'm not giving it my 100%, I don't feel like I'm doing good enough. Monday's workout was too easy. I barely broke a sweat. But...I did it, so that's really all that matters! I have another blog to document my progress (no matter how many times I have to start over again), so feel free to go check out My Couch-to-5K Journal!

On to the pictures...I'm not a professional photographer, yet. Just a mom with some cute kids, nice wildlife, and a nice camera! :-) I would love to take it on professionally, but that isn't going to happen any time soon. I do, however, still get quite a few people asking me to do photos for them, which is incredibly flattering. Last year I started a Project 52, and continued it into this year. What that is, is a challenge to take one picture a week for a whole year, based on a specific theme. I didn't want to go about it all by my lonesome, so I started another blog, and a Facebook group so that friends could do it with me! It's been a lot of fun, and along with the Photography board that I am a part of through Babycenter, I am learning a TON. I haven't updated the blog in a bit, unfortunately, but feel free to go check out my images from last year and what has been posted so far this year on One Picture Every Week For A Year!

Ok, my kids are done eating now, and I need to finish my coffee before it gets *too* cold. (yeah my dreams! haha!)

God bless,


Leslie said...

I'm here from Jenna's Journey. Good luck with the running. I've thought about doing the Couch to 5K program several times, but haven't had the get up and go yet.

Amanda Romine said...

Hey! Your blog is too cute! Your kids are adorable too!
I would love to participate in the one picture a week thing...but I know myself well enough to know that I would fail. Ha!

Mrs. Weber said...

Regarding supply...I hope it's back up! Mine dwindled a bit too when I started running, but it seems to be just fine now (Kar only nurses 2/day now though)...I upped my water and that definitely seemed to help, plus it made running much better. Water is a miracle beverage, I'm convinced! Also, watermelon is awesome too :)

Stacy B. said...

Leslie - I was scared since I haven't done anything but chase kids around for the last 3 years! I haven't really done any serious running since high school, but my husband and I did run a little bit when he was training to fight while we were dating. But that was a mile at most each time.

Amanda - Thank you so much! That's very sweet of you. :-) The picture thing is hard for me to keep up on even though it's just one photo a week. I have every intention of catching up on the pictures that I've missed so far this year, though!

Mrs. Weber - Thanks! It has come back up, actually. I think it was coupled with another fabulous happening...haha! I can't imagine drinking even more water than I do now. I go through 8-10 12ish oz glasses a day! PLUS a Gatorade on the days that I run. It's NUTS!!! I will remember watermelon. I love watermelon... :-)