Friday, January 18, 2013

Flashback Friday!

I just have to go back to my trip to Ireland in 2007.

Michael and I were packing some things up the other night in order to get our house ready to list, and I came across the notebook that I bought while my mom and I were there. I kept a journal every day of what we did and it brought back so many memories! It took everything I had to NOT sit there and read the whole thing all over again...

So, without further adieu...some pictures! Enjoy!

On the way to Killarney

On the way to Kinsale

We were driving about 45 mph this close to this tanker truck!!!

 Dublin Castle. This was the last original standing tower.

Christ Church Cathedral. There was a gentleman singing in here the day that we went in. MAN was he good!!!

Kinsale - SOOO pretty. The whole town was like this!

Aaaah, a quick trip down memory lane...

God bless!


Jessica said...

So extremely jealous. Pat & I want to visit Ireland SO badly!

Stacy B. said...

You should go!!! It is soooooo pretty. I want to go back, and if I find a deal as good as the one we got, I'm going to try to convince Michael that we need to go as a second honeymoon. :-D

Jessica said...

we want to go for our 10 year wedding anniversary. So that will be in 2017!!!

Stacy B. said...

That would be so perfect! You have to go see Kinsale. We wanted to see the Ring of Kerry, Cliff's of Moher, and a few other things, but we kind of got screwed over with our car rental. I would highly recommend taking 2 weeks to go. You still won't see everything you want to!

Anonymous said...

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