Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Little Update

Things have been kind of crazy around here the last few weeks. I'm going to try to keep up with the items that I posted for 2013, but like I said...I make no promises! Just please don't hate me if I randomly go on hiatus. :-)

Last Wednesday, the kids started getting sick. Both of them had a cough, but that was it. No fever, no runny noses, just a cough. Thursday, Justin spiked a very, very low grade fever. I figured it was most likely teething related. The next day, both kids were coughing like crazy, starting to sound congested, and just all around "blah" feeling. Yay for being sick! Michael and I both were starting to feel it, Random out of nowhere nasty head cold - 4. The fam - 0.

The days went on, and congestion and coughs got worse. Julia never got that bad, but I remember getting Justin out of bed one morning, and seeing thick green snot dried all around his nose and his mouth. Yummy!!! Anyways...I managed to get it all cleaned off of him with minimal screaming (this kid does NOT like having his face touched). By this time, Julia had started telling me her ear hurt. She has never done this before, so I had to take her seriously. I called the doctor the next day to schedule an appointment for both of them. Thankfully, they had an opening fairly early in the morning, so in we went! I knew they both had colds, and that it wasn't the flu (thank goodness!), and fully expected ear infections thanks to the fabulous cold. What I wasn't expecting, was bad double ear infections, for both kids. :-( Poor wonder Justin has been waking us up screaming at night!!! And poor Julia!!! She's never told us that her ears hurt before even though she's had quite a few ear it must have been pretty bad. I felt terrible, but I was glad that it wasn't something major. Now, we have 4 bottles of amoxicillin in the fridge. They've both been on it for a little over 24 hours (will get their 4th dose this morning when they wake up), and I'm patiently awaiting the night that little imaginary switch gets flipped, and Justin starts sleeping better again! This mama is T.I.R.E.D.

I've come to the conclusion that Justin is feeling super crummy because of 1) the cold. 2) the ear infection, and 3) teething. Poor little man! The picture that I posted yesterday was just a glimpse into how my entire day went.

Maybe I should just thank him for helping to prepare us for baby #3's arrival with the lack of sleep we're getting! LOL

Ok. Totally unrelated...we're house hunting!!! If things go the way we're planning, we're going to be moving and having a baby all within the same week...EEK! Oh well...we need to do this. We've needed to do this for a while now. This house is not big enough for 2 adults and 3 children. I mean, it is, but not comfortably! So, if you're reading this, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers that things work out smoothly with the whole transition when it does happen.

That's all for now! Have a happy Thursday!

God Bless,

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