Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Sorry I disappeared for a bit there. The last few weeks have been kind of crazy between toting two toddlers around, gymnastics classes for Julia, my doctor appointments, setting up daycare and crocheting like a mad woman! I'm also trying to pick up my camera a bit more and failing. Miserably. I've pretty much given up on my 2012 Reading Challenge (20 books) just based on how busy I've been as of late. It's OK though. I'll start that up again in January for 2013 - instead of MAY! - and maybe I'll have a better chance at completing it. I did manage to read five books since may... All three "50 Shades of Gray" books, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and One For the Money. I'm 78 pages into Two For the Dough (the second of the Stephanie Plum series), but I've been spending a lot more time crocheting than anything.

Speaking of crochet...I signed up for a swap on BabyCenter, and I can't WAIT to post what I made for my swap partner!!! I have to wait until she gets it so as to not spoil her surprise (if she were to even stumble upon my blog...), so Thursday can NOT come fast enough! I absolutely ADORE how these items came out...and the colors are simply gorgeous. I really hope she likes them.

OK, I have a babe making noise now, so gotta run!

Have a great day, and God bless!

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