Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Honey, what would you do if you'd never met me?

The first time I heard this song, I was at my sisters house helping her out at the end of her surro-pregnancy. She said "Ooh, ooh...listen to this song! It's so sweet!" We sat there as this song played on Music Choice, and I grinned quite a few times thinking about how nice it would be for a guy to actually say some of those things. We chatted about how it would be cute if one of our husbands called in and requested that song for us, and dedicated it...the song just makes me smile. More now, because the next day, when I got home from her house, that song came on the radio. Michael said "Oh! I heard this earlier today and it made me think of you!"

Heart. Melted... I love that man...

God bless!


Jessica said...

So sweet!

Stacy B. said...

I know!!! I couldn't believe it when he said that. Last night (when he finally read this post), he came upstairs (I was in bed reading) practically pranced across the floor, onto the bed, and planted a big kiss on me. He was grinning like a school boy! LOL