Friday, August 24, 2012

A Little More Than Eight Weeks

So I'm just over eight weeks pregnant with baby #3 right now, and this pregnancy is already proving much harder than the first two combined. I couldn't really "talk" about the first two much at this point because we waited to announce until the end of the first trimester, but I really don't remember them being THIS bad. The nausea is relentless. It's never ending. The number of nausea free days that I've had so far could probably be counted on one hand. I haven't gotten sick yet - thank goodness - but I'm beginning to wonder if it would make me feel better if I do! LOL Oh, and the dreams. Oh my gosh the dreams. They aren't making things much easier. I've decided to make a separate tab to keep track of them because they're coming so frequently, and they're just so...odd, disturbing, not cool. So, if you want to catch up on those, keep your eyes peeled for the new tab that will be called "Pregnancy #3 Dream Tracking"

We had our first appointment on July 31st just to confirm the pregnancy, and then just this past Wednesday (8/21) I had my new OB appointment, and we had an ultrasound. I was thinking that seeing the nugget on that screen would make things sink in more, but didn't change anything! This pregnancy is going right along with the "it just feels right" feeling that my hubby and I have had since day one. It's odd, and relaxing at the same time. ANYWAYS! Back to the pregnancy talk. I was very excited when I discovered that the doctor office got a new ultrasound machine. The old one they had was incredibly grainy, and while they could measure the heartbeat, there wasn't any way to listen to it. The tech did some measuring, showed us the little blinking blip that was the heart, happened. She focused on that blip, flipped a switch, and we heard it. That wonderful "whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh". I said "Oh! You got a new machine!!!" She chuckled and said "Yep!" We got a couple of pictures, and were on our way.

Well, I should get going. Julia is coloring in the living room, and Justin is napping. I need to finish my tea since it seems to be settling my stomach for the most part.

God bless

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