Monday, July 13, 2009


Ok, this weekend was CRAZY. Michael headed to Kinde Friday afternoon, so I had the house to myself. I had big plans for that night, and actually got quite a bit done! Stickered about 85 catalogs, postcards, candle care cards, and opportunity brochures. Also got 3 loads of laundry washed and dried. None of which have been put away yet. Well, Friday night went on and on. I was watching "16 & Pregnant" on MTV, and plugging away at my catalogs and such. Before I knew it, it was 11:30!!! I got everything cleaned up, somewhat organized and headed to bed. Set my alarm for 7 am (UUGGH!), and actually managed to peel my behind out of bed the second time it went off. I started finishing my party stuff, and got our card table out to load in the Jeep. Well, got everything finished and loaded in the jeep by about 11, but still had to take a shower and pack for the trip up to Kinde. Ate a quick lunch, talked to my hubby and sis about some lilac bushes, and got in the shower. I had a show in Clarkston at 3:00 that I needed to be at around 2:30 to set up. So! Got my shower in, packed some clothes, got my hair and makeup done, and headed out the door! Show went packed up, headed up to Kinde! Got about 30 minutes away from my Clarkston show, and my girlfriend (the hostess) called to tell me that I forgot my scent boxes!!! AAHH!!! That's not good!!! But, I couldn't go back...and it really didn't make sense for her to meet me since my show on Sunday was in Bad Axe.

Finally got to Kinde Saturday night around 7:30. Hung out with some peeps, had some food, had some drinks and good conversation, then headed to the in laws house! Watched the annual "Michael's Fireworks Display", and headed to bed. Yeah. It was 11 ish again. Got up at 8 am Sunday morning for church...had brunch about an hour after we got home, took an hour to get all 13 people fed, then had to start getting ready for my show. Went to Bad Axe, show went well, headed back to the in-laws again for supper at 5:00. Got everything packed back up again, and headed back south! Got home around 8:30, unloaded, reorganized, and attempted to shut my brain off...that didn't happen guessed it...about 11:00. GRRR.

Today, I was totally distracted at work. Thinking about all of the things that I could be doing at home. Days like that are TORTURE!!! But, here's the good stuff!!! I have a dark orange (well, looks almost pink...kind of...) lily, and now, 5 lilac bushes planted in the back yard! Check it out!!!

Yellow, yellow, orange, yellow!

Ain't she a beaut?!?!

Lilac bush location...

Lilac bushes after....

And a picture of my Hostas for good measure...

Ok, I need to go to bed..................................good night blog world!


"It is good to be alone in a garden at dawn or dark so that all its shy presences may haunt you and possess you in a reverie of suspended thought."
-James Douglas, Down Shoe Lane

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