Friday, July 10, 2009

4th of July Weekend

Well, last weekend, I got to ride in a Model A again. Those things are so cool! The hubby's dad has 4 that will be in the parade next year, but this year there was only 2 of them. It was fun trying to smile with a swollen cheek! lol Anyways...Michael got his picture taken with Miss Michigan. She was the Grand Marshall for the parade. He was so excited to finally find her before the parade started! The whole weekend was fun for the most part...except for the fact that I had to eat soft foods Thursday evening when we got to Kinde, and pretty much all day on Friday. I think I lost 5 lbs!!! Oh well, this weekend will be even MORE fun! The whole family will be together!

Now, here's what I SHOULD be doing right now...I have 2 shows this weekend, and I'm not completely ready for them. I need to be putting labels on catalogs, getting hostess packets together, and wrapping candles! But, I'm will get done though :-) I'm so excited about this this time. It's my 3rd shot at this, and I'm really looking forward to it working out. I have one or two sponsoring leads already, I have 6 or 7 shows up for the next few weeks, and I just got my first online order! Yippee!!! I pray that this works out this time...I'm going to work harder at it this time than I have in the past.

Totally unrelated...I have another lily that is about to bloom, and the bud looks almost red. I'm very excited to see what color it is! The lady at work that gave them to me said it might be a regular orange one, or a really dark orange one...yay! My sunflowers are growing like crazy too! Unfortunately, I can't seem to get the photos to upload! Wah! Anyways, 2 of them are about 2 feet tall. :-)

Woohoo! Got the pics to upload...check 'em out!

Well, I need to get to it all...


"Put your heart, mind, intellect and soul even to your smallest acts. This is the secret of success."
-Swami Sivananda

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