Friday, May 2, 2008

Appliance Woes

Ok, so it's not so bad that it would actually be classified as a "woe", but it's rather entertaining, and kinda stunk when it happened...

Cletus and I went to a local 'Orange Box Store' competitor to buy some appliances. We needed a washer, dryer and refrigerator. No big deal right? Right. Well! We get there and start looking around. The washer and dryer were easy. We've had those picked out for about 2 weeks now. The fridge was a whole other story! The one that we really wanted was limited to the floor display, which they could have sold to us, but it was a little damaged, and well...we wanted new. Our second choice was $60 more than our first choice so we went with our 3rd choice only to find out that one too...was limited to the floor display. Back to choice #2. I talked to the sales guy, got him to come down on the price about $30...BONUS! We went to place the order, and the guy took an extra $28 off of the fridge, and the washer/dryer wound up about $60 less then we were expecting. On top of that, we had a 10% off coupon...oh yeah!!!

Fast forward to Thursday...I left work at 3:30 so I could be at the house to wait for the delivery, fully expecting them to show up at...oh...7:00. I literally had 25 minutes at the house before they showed up!!! Just enough time to clean the floor, boot up my laptop, and try to tap into the neighbors wireless connection. They got all the appliances unloaded and brought to the front door. Dryer in the house, hooked up and running...check. Washer in the house, hooked up and running...check. Now, back up a bit, back to when the dryer is being hooked up. Guy 1 comes in to say something to guy 2 who is in the process of hooking up the dryer. Guy 1 walks back outside. Guy 1 comes back in to talk to guy 2 again and guy 2 looks at me and says "You wouldn't happen to have a shop vac would you?" To which I responded "Um, no...why?" Guy 1 says "We have a bit of a situation outside." So I follow guy 1 outside to discover that, the one solid shelf that doesn't have drawers attached, is completely shattered. No damage to the outside of the fridge, no damage to the box...just a shattered shelf. Hmm...well guy 1 called the store and arranged for me to pick up a new shelf. Guy 1 was explaining the process of replacing said shelf and I said "Man, that was the beer shelf too!" And he replied "Damn, why did that one have to break?" It was funny!!!

This weekend...Cletus moves!!! It'll be fun.


"Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest."
-Henry Van Dyke

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