Monday, October 21, 2013

Time to get focused....

With the kids being in day care on occasion, it's time for me to focus and get some things on a schedule around here. The house work has fallen way behind, despite my efforts to keep it up. So, the next time the kids are in day care, I will be working on a few things.

1) Meal planning! - I really need to get back to my "clean" eating. I put "clean" in quotes because it wasn't 100% clean eating. I was still eating crackers (Triscuts), string cheese, chicken, and a few other random things. Mostly, though, I was eating raw fruits and vegetables. I felt GREAT!

2) Make a grocery list - This goes hand in hand with the meal planning, obviously! With me wanting to eat the way I used to, I'll have to go to the grocery store once a week for my stuff, and probably once a month for the other stuff.

3) Make a cleaning schedule - Now, this isn't going to be a huge thing...just small things like "Sweep kitchen, nook and family room" on one day, "Clean a bathroom" (we have 3) on another day. Just enough to keep the house maintained. Maybe not spotless, but presentable, nonetheless.

4) Make a "school" schedule for Julia and Justin - Before Alaina was born, I did pretty well with having them sit down for an hour or so with school-type activities, and they both seemed to enjoy it quite a bit.

5) Figure out a good schedule for Alaina - Mainly naps and feedings (bottles and solids).

For now, that's about all I'm going to worry about!

God bless!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Do we have seals in our house?!?!

No, we don't. Unfortunately, though, we've been dealing with two toddlers and croup. BOO! Thankfully, they're both on the upswing. We had a couple of pretty rough nights, but now there's just a bit of a lingering cough. Thankfully not contagious anymore. The bad part? I think Alaina might be getting it. :-(

Julia and Justin are starting day care for sure tomorrow! Just once every couple of weeks so that I can hopefully get some things done around the house. It's been suffering greatly, unfortunately. I'm wanting to: get back into meal planning so that we can stop throwing away money on wasted food, start couponing again, get back to tackling some of the things on the ever-growing to-do-list, and spend more time on my crocheting. I really miss my hook and yarn right now! I do have projects in the works, but they're not being completed as quickly as I would like because of how severely restricted I am time-wise.

My sister participated in the "Cupcake Crusades" at the Renaissance Festival the last weekend in September. I helped her with it, and it was lots of fun, but pretty stressful at the same time. I took the kids to her house a couple of times to help work on getting the cupcakes ready for the contest. She didn't end up making it past the first round (boooooooooo), but it was a good learning experience, and we're already thinking about next year! Here are some photos that I got while we were there that day.


God Bless!