Monday, October 21, 2013

Time to get focused....

With the kids being in day care on occasion, it's time for me to focus and get some things on a schedule around here. The house work has fallen way behind, despite my efforts to keep it up. So, the next time the kids are in day care, I will be working on a few things.

1) Meal planning! - I really need to get back to my "clean" eating. I put "clean" in quotes because it wasn't 100% clean eating. I was still eating crackers (Triscuts), string cheese, chicken, and a few other random things. Mostly, though, I was eating raw fruits and vegetables. I felt GREAT!

2) Make a grocery list - This goes hand in hand with the meal planning, obviously! With me wanting to eat the way I used to, I'll have to go to the grocery store once a week for my stuff, and probably once a month for the other stuff.

3) Make a cleaning schedule - Now, this isn't going to be a huge thing...just small things like "Sweep kitchen, nook and family room" on one day, "Clean a bathroom" (we have 3) on another day. Just enough to keep the house maintained. Maybe not spotless, but presentable, nonetheless.

4) Make a "school" schedule for Julia and Justin - Before Alaina was born, I did pretty well with having them sit down for an hour or so with school-type activities, and they both seemed to enjoy it quite a bit.

5) Figure out a good schedule for Alaina - Mainly naps and feedings (bottles and solids).

For now, that's about all I'm going to worry about!

God bless!

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