Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Check out my other blogs while you're here!

Yeah, I'm pimping out my other blogs...haha!

First, here's my Project 52 blog. I started in 2012, and decided to do it again this year! I'm missing quite a few photos for this year, and it needs to be updated again, but there are quite a few pictures there so check it out!
One Picture Every Week For A Year

Second, this is my Couch to 5K blog. I started it a few weeks ago, and I'm really enjoying the workouts! I'm going to have to slow down, though, which bums me out pretty bad! Go check it out and see what I accomplished!
My Couch-to-5K Journal

Now for a quick update. We had some pretty bad storms roll through the area last night. Thankfully, it missed us by a few miles, but I was ready...again! I had a diaper bag all packed up and put in the basement along with a few other things. I know I probably overreact a little bit with severe weather, but I'd rather be prepared than to be caught with nothing ready. A lot of what I put in the basement (SO GLAD we have a basement now!!!) is materialistic things that can be replaced, but they are things that I really don't want to lose. My camera/lenses, laptop, and pump. Guess it's time to start a very detailed inventory of everything we have!

God bless!

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