Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Just a few more details...

I was so anxious to get the story of Alaina's birth posted, that I left quite a bit out! I'll be adding a link for this post to the birth story, as well as these details, though! I'll try to be specific as to where each little tidbit goes.

After we had walked for what felt like forever the night of the 23rd, a second nurse had came in and checked me. She said I was a "good" 3 cm, so I got SUPER excited!!! I thought for a minute that we would be staying and having a baby that night, but the first nurse came back and re-checked me, confirming that I had not in fact dilated anymore. Darn!

After my nap, Michael said he could even tell that these contractions were different than the ones I had been having the night before. They were the "screw your face up, squish your eyes closed, holy COW that kind of hurt" kind of contractions. However, they were still mostly tolerable so I wasn't overly concerned...but again, didn't want to take any chances with how fast Justin was born.

During our second triage visit, the contractions were getting to the point that Michael was giving me his two fingers to hold on to. They still weren't completely unbearable, but were definitely hurting pretty good. I started really focusing and making sure that I wasn't breathing too quickly. After all, with Julia, I felt like I was going to hyperventilate and pass out because my breathing was soooooo quick and shallow.

The contractions got so intense while in labor & delivery, that I started refusing Michael's fingers, and opted for the dry pad that was laying underneath my butt. It's a good thing, too, because he probably would have had two fingers in splints right now! I managed to maintain my deep, slow, cleansing breaths through all of the contractions until anesthesia got to the room.

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