Saturday, November 10, 2012

My "good" Christmas List Idea

I'm actually quite proud of myself for coming up with this!

Late last year we bought a cork board to keep important things off the table but still accessible. It has come in VERY handy ever since we found it. Now, with Christmas coming up quickly, I had put my Christmas list up on the cork board, and periodically added things to it. As I was looking through store fliers, I kept seeing things I wanted to buy for them. I grabbed a pen and started circling things. But that meant I would have to hold on to the entire flier just for a couple of things. So I started tearing them out, and sticking them on the cork board. can see where this is going! Cluttered cork board, here we come! Then...I had this great idea!

I ran upstairs and found a few envelopes, one for me, one for Michael, and one for each of the kids. I wrote "Christmas Gift Ideas for - NAME - " on the front of the envelope. Threw the pre-existing lists and cut outs into them and tacked them up on the cork board. I explained to Michael that each time he gets an idea for a gift (for anyone) to just grab a sheet of paper off of our 3 X 3 paper cube, write the idea down, and throw it in the envelope. After a couple of days realizing that we would have to take them down every time we wanted to add something, I flipped the envelopes over, folded the flap to the front side and wrote "Christmas Gift Ideas for - NAME - " on the back and placed them back on the cork board. Now, all we have to do is slip things into them, and we have individual pouches with gift ideas for all of us! Sometimes I make me so

Here's a pic!

God bless!

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