Monday, September 17, 2012

Early morning giggles

Justin really is something else. He cracks me up on a regular basis. He signs to get milk, "more", and when he's "all done". Although...his sign for "all done" is closer to just flailing his arms side to side in an over-enthusiastic manner.

Just this morning, he woke up early - again - and was a fussy mess when I brought him downstairs. I got his cup of milk for him, but that just wasn't going to cut it for him. Apparently he needed a snack bowl of Cheerios to accompany his milk. As soon as that container of cereal came out of the cabinet, is face just lit up, and he did his little surprised face. I MUST get this face in a photo to share. It's just too stinking cute.

Anyways...I gave him his little bowl of Cheerios and he went back into the living room to play. Out of nowhere, he comes back into the kitchen whining with this look of "OH THE HUMANITY!!!" on his face. I look down, and he only had about 15 Cheerios left in his bowl. Apparently he couldn't get them out through the opening. (It's one of those "spill proof" snack bowls with the cut open top.) Anyways, I took the top off, handed it back to him, and he grinned just about as wide and cheesy as he could. Showing all 8 of his front teeth. He then turned around, went back into the living room and continued playing.

He cracks me up.

God bless!


Mrs. Weber said...

8 teeth?! Holy moly - he's getting so big! He's so precious :)

Stacy B. said...

I know! It's crazy, isn't it??? His 9th tooth is about half way in, and he's working on 3 more. The poor little dude!
Hope your babes are doing well!