Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bad Dreams

None of us like bad dreams. After all, they're called 'bad dreams' because...well...they're BAD!!! What makes them worse is when they're about your kids.

Last night, I had a bad dream about Justin. I was at my brothers place (not the place he lives in now, so I have no clue where he was living). My mom, sister, brother, my hubby and myself were all getting ready to go somewhere. Justin had just fallen asleep but was fussing. Everyone kept telling me "it's ok, you can leave him, he'll be fine". I did not agree and fought tooth and nail. They all kept saying "JUST LEAVE HIM. HE'LL BE FINE!!!" Within a few minutes, he was screaming and crying. He would only calm down when I walked toward him. I didn't even have to be right there with him...just moving towards him. Then, someone (not anyone that I recognized), grabbed me and dragged me out slamming the door on my screaming baby! I could hear him all the way out to the car...I was crying too. It was so terrible!!!

I woke up from that one feeling pretty crappy. :-('s not true, it never happened, and now I'll do my darndest to not ever let that happen.

On a more positive note...we got some snow last night!!! And, both kids have been sleeping for about 40 minutes. :-)

God Bless!

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Jessica said...

Boo!!! I hate, hate, hate bad dreams about our babies! I had one where Colin was kidnapped last night. It's always nice to wake up and know they are okay <3 <3 <3