Friday, March 5, 2010

The "week late" update

Yeah, I know...I said I would update sometime last weekend, but alas...I failed! Here is the update that should have been posted last week, along with the update for this week. =)

Last Friday (2/26) was my 29th birthday. I took the day off of work so I could chill out a bit. Yeah, me and chilling out lately don't really go together...anyhoo. I got some really pretty flowers and a cute card from my hubby. =)

During the day, I went out and checked out some day care centers for when the little one arrives. I found a place that I really really like. This place is so cool though. I want to go there!!! They have wonderful hours, parent play dates, and a play place that would put 15 McDonald's or Burger Kings to shame!!! We'll see how it works out though. It's relatively reasonable, price-wise, and they have cameras in the if I want to see the lil bean, all I have to do is get online! I LOVE that part...and the fact that they keep the infant-teacher ratio to 2-1; much better than the 4-1 at the second place I went 4-1 even legal???

Anyways. That night we went to dinner with my girlfriend, K, and her hubby. Her birthday was on Wednesday (2/24), so it was kind of a joint birthday celebration! It was fun. The food was o.k., but not really worth the money in my opinion. I think I would have been happier with good old Olive Garden...but it's all good. K and I got complimentary ice cream sundaes. =)

Saturday brought lots of shifting, moving, loading, driving, and unloading. Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I've known that we needed to "downsize" the living room. So! On Saturday, we loaded up both end tables, the coffee table, the love seat and the entertainment center between my Jeep and my sisters truck, and took it all to hers and moms apartment. We did replace the 2 end tables with slightly smaller, non-glass end tables that have a shelf on the bottom and a small drawer to keep stuff in. Now, we just need to get a smaller corner unit, a new TV, and we'll be all set! The unit we had stuck out probably 4' from the corner, and took up TONS of space. It was pretty much the kind we needed though since we have a flat screen tube TV (BEAST of a thing...). Now, the TV is sitting on the floor. As is the cable box and dvd/vcr. The stuff that was on top of the entertainment center is sitting on a bench along the wall...

I do miss having the coffee table to put our laptops on, but it's totally not that big of a deal! We have so much more room in here now, it's not even funny!

Sunday, we went to church, stopped at Michael's so I could get some more yarn for the baby blanket, came home, ate lunch, made a grocery list, went grocery shopping, came home, and parked our butts on the couch to watch the US play Canada in Men's Olympic Hockey. WOW!!! What a game that was!!! I don't think I left the couch much more than to go to the bathroom 10 times, and eat dinner! Still didn't feel rested on Monday though. Go figure.

Wednesday I had my first weekly doc's appointment. Remember the update that I mentioned freaking out about my weight when I was on the phone with my girlfriend? Well...that 163 came true this time! I'm o.k. with it though. I'm getting to the point that I can really accept what I'm putting on. And, it's not like I'm gaining a TON of weight. I was 36 weeks 3 days at my appointment, and had gained 27 lbs. I really can't complain about any part of this pregnancy. It's been relatively uneventful, and I'm not too uncomfortable...yet. The doctor found bean's heart beat right away, and it was pumping along at 144 bpm! I love that sound... Now, having said all of that...I'm ready to be done being pregnant. Not because I'm miserable, or in pain, or anything like that...I just want to know if this baby is a mini-me, or a mini-Michael!!! Team green is a tough team to be on!!!

And now...the blanket update. I've been plugging away (mostly), trying to get this blanket done before the baby comes. I have officially completed all of the white and cream colored blocks, and I now have 12 green blocks done (2 are not in the pic), so check out the pics!

The white blocks...

The cream blocks...

Most of the green blocks...

The "big block" that I could put together right now...actually, with the other 2 green blocks, I could add another row on 2 sides. =)

And this is a picture of what's remaining...

I timed myself...and one block takes a little more than 30 minutes (I'm still kind of slow with it sometimes, but I'm o.k. with that...), so in essence, I could have all of the blocks done in about 7 hours. I think the whole blanket could feasibly be done in about 12 hours. It's just a matter of me finding the motivation and buckling down.

Good night. It's now 9 pm, and!!!


Anonymous said...

That baby blanket is going to turn out fantastic! So pretty already! Nice work!

Anonymous said...


Oh... and Happy Birthday (a couple weeks late).