Tuesday, July 3, 2007

This weekend...

Well, I'll actually start with Friday. I decided that I really like this whole 'wireless oakland' thing, even though I can't get a signal at my apartment (which is in Oakland county...go figure). But I do get a strong enough signal in the conference room at work, so my lunch is now fully occupied :-)

Saturday, the day was spent at Cedar Point with Cletus, and my 10 year old niece Cassandra. The weather was fantastic!! Sunny and 75* all day. Couldn't have asked for better weather. Oh, and's just as entertaining to watch a 27 year old guy riding roller coasters as it is to watch a 10 year old girl!! I gotta give props to both of them. They both got on Millennium Force with me! Yay! Me and Cletus rode the Cork Screw, but Cassandra was just a little was kinda scary for me to see her that way, but she bounced right back with a little food and water in her system! We also rode Mean Streak, Gemini, Mantis, Raptor, Iron Dragon (staple ride...gotta do it), Magnum, Mine Ride, Blue Streak (another staple ride...), Thunder Canyon, the Sky Ride (cause we were sick of walking), and of course, the train. We caught up with the Carousel at the end of the day too. Cedar Point is awesome! I want to go back again before the end of this season so Cletus and I can ride Top Thrill Dragster and Maverick.

Sunday...well, Sunday was fantastic. That is all. Just fantastic.....


“Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.”
-James Dean

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