Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Strange Happenings

Ever since we moved into this house, a few random little weird things have happened periodically. It doesn't really happen that often, but when it it hits like a brick wall!

One of the first things that I remember happening was within the first month of moving in. Alaina woke up really early (3:30 or 4 am), and I wasn't ready to get out of bed yet. I decided I would bring her to bed with me and snuggle for a while. Well, as soon as I was beside my bed, I got this huge whiff of cigarette smoke. It smelled so strong that I would have sworn there was someone standing right behind me with a lit cigarette. I turned around and there wasn't anyone there, so I crawled into bed until Alaina went to sleep. I definitely did not go back to sleep though!

A "recurring" thing we have actually relates to a puzzle that the kids have had for quite some time. It's one of those farm animal sound puzzles. Each piece makes a specific sound - cat, horse, cow, duck, etc. If the pieces don't get put back in for an extended period of time, it will make noise. Not a big deal now that we understand what's going on. However...within the first few months of being here, one of the pieces got left out, and at about 9 pm, when all the kids were in bed, but we were still up, it just started meowing. Michael and I looked at each other thinking "What. the. heck". Now it's an ongoing joke, and we've started yelling "Bob!!!" whenever it makes noise. Turning off the dining room light makes it react, too. It's kind of funny now, but that first time...holy cow!

A few weeks ago, I was sitting at the bus stop with all the kids waiting for Julia's bus to come. I could tell that Julia wasn't feeling well, and kept asking if she wanted to stay home. She kept saying 'no', but I knew better. We sat there waiting for about 5 minutes, and something just felt off. I made a comment that maybe we should just go back home, and Justin said "We can't, mommy." So I asked him why and he said "Because there's something behind us.". That combined with my "off" feeling, and what I'm guessing was a perfectly timed gust of wind that actually rocked my car forward, I was a bit freaked out. Right when the bus was due to arrive (thank goodness she was late), Julia said "Mommy, I don't feel good. I want to stay home." I didn't argue, and got the car parked before the bus came down the hill.

Yesterday morning (March 2) was quite possibly one of thee strangest things to have happened. Once again, Alaina had woken up way too early (about 4:30 am), and I went into the girls' bedroom to get her calmed down and back to sleep. I crawled back into bed around 4:40, and laid there thinking 'should I just get up? My alarm is going to go off soon...". I decided to just stay in bed, and closed my eyes. About 2 minutes later, I am about 98% sure that I was not asleep yet, I heard what sounded like a man's voice, inside my house, yell "NO!!!". Needless to say I did not go back to sleep...

What kind of strange things have happened in your house? If any.

God bless!

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