Monday, June 9, 2014

Looks like it's update time! (And more nail pics. ha!)

It seems as though I have a bad habit of posting and running! My last post was a month ago, and so much has happened since then! I'll start right around the time of my last post...

Alaina finally started walking a little bit back in late April/early May. She had taken a couple of steps here and there before then, but never anything that could be considered "walking". Michael and I were scrambling trying to get everything ready before we went on vacation, but Julia and Justin really didn't realize exactly what it meant when we told them mommy and daddy were leaving on vacation for a week. They were excited about spending time with Busha and Grandpa, though!

Anyways... Since the last post, we've gone on vacation, Alaina has become a walking MACHINE - borderline running already, she now has three teeth ( 14 1/2 months old), one stump (out of about 10) has finally come out, we've gotten a TON of asparagus out of the garden, the raspberries are starting to come in, I've come to the conclusion that I need to throw away about 90% of the daffodils that I have, I discovered two smaller sections in the big flower bed by the kitchen, I gave away some of my dead nettle, periwinkle, and the (yellow flowers that I can never remember the name for...). Let's see...what else...OH! Justin is now night time potty trained...mostly, Julia is almost done with gymnastics and is doing fantastic with that, there is still way too much wallpaper in the house, and we still have a lot of unpacked boxes/bins. The garage is getting more and more organized, we had a turtle lay eggs in our back yard, but something dug most...if not all...of the eggs up already, we've had orioles officially added to our laundry list of birds, Julia and Justin went fishing for the first time the other day and they're officially obsessed!

Here is a plethora of pictures for your viewing pleasure :-)

First, vacation:

Turtle eggs, birds, and miscellaneous pictures. :-)

Caught in the act!

Holes where the turtle had been digging :-( We're holding out hope that there are still a couple of eggs in there!

This (these?) little thing(s) didn't fly away when I came out of the house. I was able to get quite a few pictures before it (they) left!

This was taken through the window in the family room it's not totally clear :-)


I did a "mani-swap" with a fellow BabyCenter mom. Hers is on the left, mine is on the right!

Pink and blue for infant loss awareness

Neon! And my first successful water marble! (These neons were not that easy to work with...)

That's all for now.
God bless!


margaret preston said...

I love that last nail pic with the pink and orange, gorgeous color!

Stacy B. said...

Thank you! They were so much fun. I was sad to take that mani off!