Friday, August 9, 2013

I'm King of the World!

OK. Not really, but after last weekends little getaway, I feel like I can conquer anything! See...originally, we were supposed to take a trip to my mom and step-dad's cabin as a family, all five of us. However...Michael wound up having to work on Friday, so it was just me and the three kids. Yikes! I was extremely a wee bit nervous about the 3 hour ride up with three kids age three and under, all by my lonesome. My sister and I planned to caravan up, but a few other things came up for her, so the caravan idea didn't happen. She did drop off my niece, and she rode up with me, though. We left after lunch time, so that the two older kids could nap the majority of the way up. Having my niece with me was nice because she could hop into the middle row if the baby got squealy, or if one of the other two wanted to just chatter while I had to focus on where we were going. It made rest stops a whole lot easier, too!

When we got up there, the four of us shared one room. Alaina in the TraveLite crib, Justin in the full size pack 'n play, and Julia shared the bed with me. The first night wasn't really that bad...considering. Since the two older ones didn't, in fact, take their naps {insert annoyed look here}. The best part??? All three of them slept until 8 am Friday and Saturday morning! We all took a couple of rides on the pontoon boat, and the kids had their first lake swimming experience! Our little fishy boy loved it once he got his sea legs, and Julia, well, she enjoyed it quite a bit too. Alaina only got her legs dipped in, but she didn't even flinch when that chilly water hit her little tootsies!

Sunday morning, Alaina woke up around 7 or 7:30. Not necessarily a bad thing since we needed to finish packing up to come home. We didn't leave at nap time like the ride up. This was before lunch, so I was nervous again. My sister and I drove together, so it wasn't so bad. If I needed to stop for some reason, I could just call her and tell her to pull off at the next exit.

Here's my favorite picture from that weekend. This was Justin's "maiden voyage" on the pontoon...he loved it!

Long story short, we all survived, and now, I feel like I could tackle anything!

God bless,


Mrs. Weber said...

You go mama!!! I totally understand your hesitation with travel. It can be super hard with kiddos, huh? So proud you were up for the challenge.

I assure you, if you can do this, you could probably easily run a marathon ;)

Super cute photo too! He's getting so big!

Stacy B. said...

It really isn't easy, but we all had a good time! They really enjoyed being up there, and I was amazed by how well they did without daddy! Granted, my mom, step-dad, sister, and niece were all there to help entertain them, but still! I managed to get some crocheting done that weekend!

I'm loving how I feel when I finish running. Not so much during, though...haha!

Thank you, he really is getting TOOOO big!