Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Power of Words

I'm sure everyone has heard the saying "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me". I remember saying that multiple times as a kid. I really believed it for a while, too!

What I didn't realize then, is that words have an uncanny ability to make every emotion boil right to the top. Whether it's happiness, anger, sadness, you name it. Words are profound, and when used correctly, they can make you feel GREAT! However...when used wrong, they can cut deeper than the longest knife.

One of the smallest words, can have the most impact: "YES". Think about it...
"Will you marry me?" "YES"
"Do you deny Satan and all of his empty promises?" "YES"
"Do you trust your partner?" "YES"

When I was baptized, that was the biggest "YES" of my life. I officially accepted Jesus into my life 100%. My sins were washed clean, and I was handed a clean slate to start my life with. How have I handled it? Probably not the absolute best I could, but I'm trying. I want to be the best person I can. That, in turn, will allow me to be the best wife to my husband and the best mommy to my two beautiful blessings. I am so happy with where my life is right now, and I really don't want to start taking it for granted again.

When Michael proposed, I said the second most important "YES" of my life. I pledged myself to him. To be his friend. His partner. His support. I promised him I would stand by him in good times and bad, sickness and health, until death parts us. My wedding ring is a daily reminder that I'm devoted to him. He is my partner, my support, and best of all...he is my friend. My confidant. My rock. Sometimes I need a little reminder that he has been put in my life for me. I need to focus on that. Not our little quarrels. Not our disagreements. Not our differences. But that we're here for each all times.

We all need to be careful how we choose our words. We could inadvertently hurt someone very deeply with what we say, and we may not even realize it. Heck...some people might not even care if they hurt you with their words. Those are the people that I pray will find understanding and humility.

Words can cut deeper that we realize. Choose them carefully.

God bless.

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