Thursday, October 6, 2011

Yep...I'm a slacker.

My only two little ones! I have started up a little shop of sorts...check it out on Facebook here!

I promise I haven't forgotten about my loyal readers (if there are I will get back to updates as soon as things get a little calmer...


Amy E said...

Very cute stuff! Love the profile pic of stash yarn as well as the store name :)

Jessica said...

Stacy - 2 little ones are definitely a good excuse to be slacking :)
Even I slack on my blog and I only have the one!

Love your store - I want to order a hat for Colin soon :)

Chell... said...

I'm sorry...I'm not trying to come off as a creep at! But I am going to be absolutely ecstatic to see your new little man if and when you post pics. :)

Just wanted to let you know that I received the ring and love, love, love it. My little sister has already tried to steal it at church one Sunday ;)

Thank you so much again. By the way I "liked" your Facebook sight. Very nice! Great work. Keep it up lady!

Take care,


Peanut Publications said...

LOL! You're silly! I was actually just about to post a quick Halloween update of the 2 of them! :)