Sunday, July 3, 2011

Adventures in Mommyhood

So much has happened since the last post! My sun burn is gone, it's a lovely shade of brown. On half of my  Anyways. I was sitting here watching TV and playing on the computer one day while Julia was playing with her toys. It was one of the many days that I have attempted to keep my feet up to keep the swelling down. Well. The front door was open, and she loves to sit on the stairs and look out the door, talking (or rather yelling) at anyone and anything that passes by. She sat there playing and talking for a good 10 minutes. After telling her to stop scratching the screen door, all of a sudden, I noticed that it had gotten really quiet. I looked over and she was nowhere near the door. Checked the bathroom. Nope, the door had been closed all morning. Looked around completely confused then looked up the stairs. There she was. At the top of the stairs. Grinning from ear to ear as if to say "Look what I can do mommy!!!" I about had a heart attack!!! I got up the stairs as fast as I could and made her climb all the way down on her own...the safe way. She did it. After that...the baby barricade went up!!!

I've also babysat for my good friend K a few times. Having a toddler and a 4 month old has been a great practice, and even though it tired me out pretty good, I am VERY thankful that I've had the opportunity to do it. Little E is so cute, and is a very bright little girl! My first tough lesson in mommy-ing 2 under 2 happened the second or third (I think...) time that I had Little E. It was time for Little E to have her morning bottle, but Julia was vying for my attention...hard core. Let's say that Julia got bit by the BIG jealous bug. She stood in front of me while I fed Little E nearly the entire time crying...whining...screaming...wanting me to pick her up. I tried to tell her that we would be done soon, but that Little E needed to finish her bottle. More screaming, whining and crying...this time from both girls.  Julia would scream, it would scare Little E so she would start crying. I'd get her calmed down and Julia would start in again. You get the picture. Almost a full hour and a half that morning was just the two of them crying, whining or screaming at one point or another, sometimes at the same time.

The rest of the day didn't go so bad. There was still a lot of jealousy from Julia (which is to be expected), but we got through the day, I got to spend some quality quiet time with them both, each while the other was napping, so that was good. Since then, we've gotten a couple of "special" toys for Julia to play with while I'm preoccupied with the new baby. I'm hoping that it will help to ease the 'blow' so-to-speak. She loves to be with other babies, so I'm hoping that the adjustment won't be too bad.

On the "tot" front. Still hanging in there! I'm 39 weeks 2 days today. My due date is quickly approaching, and to be feels kind of strange still having a baby in me since Julia came so early. I'll wait however long it takes though! I want the baby to be fully cooked.  =)  I had the joy of nesting (if you want to call it a last week. Thursday I took everything out of the linen closet and completely rearranged and organized it. I also washed the dishes that were in the kitchen sink, then scrubbed out the sink, scrubbed the visibly gross parts of the fridge (it sits right next to the stove), scrubbed the tea kettle, stove top/backing (knobs and all...)/oven door and drawer at the bottom, and cleaned up Julia's room a little bit. It was crazy. Nice to get the linen closet in order though! We made a pretty hefty donation to the Salvation Army later on too! I did some more on Saturday and Monday, but not nearly as involved as what was done on Thursday. I think the second and third days were a result of me being sick of trying to keep my feet up to keep the swelling down. I didn't want to sit on my butt anymore! LOL

The garden is also coming along very nice! All but one of my corn stalks are at least knee high, the peas are coming in like crazy - I've even picked some and gotten to eat them - they're tasty! The carrots are starting to come in nicely (I picked one the other day out of curiosity and the orange color was coming in), I finally got the last of the tomato plants transplanted to the garden, and got the cucumbers planted as well. Hopefully they'll grow well! I love fresh cucumbers! The lilies are all blooming...yellow, orange, salmon, and red...they're gorgeous! My Zinnias are coming in like crazy now too. Although, they're only supposed to be 6" high and some of them are already 12"!!! It looks nice though since the flowers are blooming...

With that, I'm off to tend to some cloth diaper laundry, and grab my tea out of the fridge!

God Bless!

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