Saturday, May 28, 2011

Another Greenery Update

Well, we've had another pretty productive day over here in our neck of the woods! Pulled more weeds in the garden and flower beds, Michael cut the grass, we cut back and transplanted the mums from the front to the back yard, I laid out flowers to plant in the flower beds so Michael could plant them, later we're going to install the infant car seat base and possibly start to tackle what's in the guest bedroom so we can start getting that transformed into Julia's big girl room!

Here are some pictures of the greens popping up around the yard...(sorry for the photo overload!)

The lilacs.

My peas.

My carrots.

My corn.

The raspberry bush.

The lilies (they're INSANE!!!)

The peonies.

The hostas that I got from my mom - before.

And the hostas - after.

Julia's tree =)

And the flower beds after Michael planted the Zinnia's (Thumbelina mix), and the white Geraniums.

All in all, another good day! =)

God Bless!


Marissa @ Multitaskingmarissa said...

I love, love, love this post!!! Great job, mama!!! :o)
xo Marissa

Anonymous said...

I like it.