Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I think any mom knows that your plans can (and WILL) change in a heartbeat when a baby is involved.  We can try and try to keep to our plans, but chances's not going to happen exactly the way we would like.  I'm not saying this is necessarily a bad thing, but it can be rather annoying sometimes.  =)  Mostly when the wee one decides that filling their pants - 5 seconds after a clean diaper is put on, and 5 seconds before it's time to run out the door - is entertaining!  Julia does this on a semi regular basis...I actually find it pretty funny myself because she will just look at me and grin after she does it.

Once I'm home with her all the time, I've got big plans!!!  We'll see how well it all goes though.  I have one crochet project in the works (yes...the blanket that I started for her when I was's almost done), four more that I really want to get going on - but I'm making myself wait until the blanket is done, a latch hook that I just started, a blog to maintain - Timewarp Tuesday's are kind of unintentionally on hiatus, a garden to tend in preparation for next year, lilies to move out from the house a bit so they don't lean so much, a house to clean, puzzles to work, oh yeah...and a baby to take care of!  LOL

I'm so excited, it's hard to keep it under wraps while I'm at work so that people don't get it twisted into a lack of focus on my part. my L.A.S.T. day.  It's still hard to believe for's a dream come true...I'm hoping (well, I'm fairly certain) that I might finally feel like there is enough time in the day.  I often wonder how so many moms can work full time and not feel bad at the end of the day.  I know that staying home isn't an option for a lot of people - and who knows, maybe I'll be working somewhere again before I really want to - but it's a risk I'm willing to take for the better of our family.  Yes, it's going to be pretty tight for a while until we get a budget really nailed down...but we're ready.  If it wasn't for cloth diapering (the cost savings is INCREDIBLE), and breastfeeding (thanks be to God that I'm able to nurse my baby)...I wouldn't be able to do this.  =)

And now, a couple of photos for your enjoyment  =) 

This was taken on 8/'s been a big hit already!

And this one was taken 8/27...

God Bless!

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