Thursday, August 12, 2010

Strange feeling...

I had this really weird feeling hit me today.  Sitting at work, and all I could think about was being with my baby.  Maybe because we had a harder-than-normal morning...maybe because I miss her so much all the time...maybe because I can't stand the fact that someone else is getting nearly all of her awake time...all of her smiles...all of her cuteness...I was on the verge of trying to take a half day just so I could spend some time with her.  Well...that didn't happen ('s 1:20, and I'm taking my lunch break as I type this).  Then, I get a phone call from day care.  Nothing is wrong, they just don't have record of my tuition payment this week!  UGH...but, I have a receipt number!  =)

Anyways...on to the harder-than-normal morning.  Julia has been sleeping pretty well the last couple of nights (knock on wood...).  Tuesday night, she went to bed at 7:30, slept until 11 or so when she woke up to eat, and then didn't wake up again until 5 am.  5...solid...hours...of GLORIOUS sleep!!!  Last night, was almost the same.  She went to bed between 7:30 and 8, woke at 11:30 and 4.  So not SO much sleep, but still quite a bit! this morning, I'm getting ready for work, and I'm waiting for her to wake up.  I've come to the conclusion that she needs to start cereal a little more than she has been.  Following my maternal instincts on that one.  So I go upstairs only 15 minutes before I normally wake her up. She's SOUND asleep.  I mean...rubbing the belly, tickling the feet, playing with her hands, talking to her...none of it was working.  SOUND asleep.  Finally, after she stretched a few good times (full body, arched back, knees up, arms by her head ADORABLE stretches), I just picked her up and took her down stairs.  She was not happy about it for the first 20 minutes or so.  I got her cereal ready - decided to try oatmeal instead of rice this time - and she finished waking up.  First bite of oatmeal, and I got the "What the HECK are you giving me?!?!?!" look, and pushed almost all of it out of her mouth. She didn't like it one bit, but I kept trying.  We managed 2 or 3 itty bitty bites, and that was it.  I decided to try the rice since she likes the rice.  Yeah, that wasn't happening either.  She started trying to climb out of the bouncy seat, and if she was in her Bumbo, she was staring at her feet...not exactly easy to feed a baby that's looking down.  She fought me so hard...and I gave up.  Dumped another bowl of cereal down the drain, and daddy got her dressed while *I* finished getting ready for work.

So, here I sit...only 15 minutes left on my lunch, and all I want is to hold my daughter.  Unfortunately, I have to wait another 4 hours.  =(

On a happier note - Michael's "working interview" went great!!!  3 days of great!  Here's hoping they offer him a job!!!  Keep us in your prayers...

God bless!

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