Thursday, April 8, 2010

One Month Today!

So, today is Julia's one month birthday!  Yay!  We're going to get some pictures taken this evening, and I can't wait!

She had an appointment with the pediatrician today too...check this out...
Birth (Mon):  5lbs 2oz, 18"
Discharge (Wed):  5lbs even
Day after discharge:  4lbs 11oz (story on that later...)
2 week appointment:  5lbs 10oz (yes...that's almost a pound in 2 weeks!!!)
One month pediatrician appointment:  7lbs, 19" long!  More than a pound gained in 2 weeks!  Go lil bean!!!

Her weight and height are between the 5 and 10th percentile, but her the 25th percentile!  Yes, she has her father's noggin!  LOL

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