Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I Am Blessed

Today I am reminded once again just how blessed I am. I know I complain a lot, ok, I complain all the time, but that doesn't mean I don't realize just how lucky I am. I love my children and every little annoying, button pushing, non-listening, argumentative, whiny little personality trait. They are a part of me and always will be. They are my pride and joy. I love their snuggles, their kisses, their hugs, the way they run up to me with their arms stretched out wide shrieking "MOMMY!!!" when they see me after I've been out for a while. I love seeing them run towards their daddy in the same way. Their eyes, their smiles, little fingers and toes...belly buttons, ticklish spots, and their ever-growing sense of themselves.

Today is Pregnancy And Infant Loss remembrance day. My heart breaks for all of the families that have suffered losses before, during, or after birth. I simply can't imagine my life without our three little blessings... Please take a moment to remember those that have suffered, and those that were lost.

God bless,

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

How Do you DO It???

To be honest...most days I don't even know! Three kids in itself is no joke. Three kids so close in age is just insanity.

I hear this phrase so often, that I'm almost able to complete the person's thought for them before they even get the "How" out of their mouth. Same with the whole "You must have your hands full!". Yes. Yes I know...but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Now that Julia is in preschool, it's becoming more of a "Wow! It must be nice to get a break, huh?" Break? What's that? Is it a little easier just having the two at home? Absolutely. Because one of them actually naps. However, the new insanity just kind of overpowers the "easier" aspect. Every morning, we all have to be up, fed, dressed, teeth brushed, and out the door in a little under an hour. I refuse to get the kids up earlier than I already do, so we rush in the mornings to get out on time. Load all 3 in the car, drop Julia at school with the two littler ones in the stroller (THAT's fun. Let me tell you), then head home. Sometimes I make other stops the library. Somehow I still manage to squeeze in painting my nails and a little (ok, a LOT) of reading. Unfortunately, it's usually at Michael's expense since the only time I can really read is when the kids are in bed, and that's really the only time I have to spend with him.

Then there are the day care days. Day care days are even more crazy. We have to all be up and out the door in about an hour flat. Plus, those days, I have to pack diaper bags, lunches for the two littler ones, plus I have to remember the blankets and loveys/sleeping pals for the littler ones that morning as well. Let me tell you...forgetting the blankets/loveys/sleeping pals would prove catastrophic! Those days...those days are special. Drop the 2 little ones off first, drop Julia off at preschool - without the ginormous stroller - and go home for *hopefully* six glorious hours of alone time. Most of which will probably be spent folding laundry and cleaning the house from floor to ceiling since I can't do that with the kids home. When all I really want to do is read or paint my nails! Do you have any idea how fast those six hours go by? FAST. The first day that all three kids were not getting under my skin (I say that with all the love in the world), I spent the day at my sister's house watching The Hunger Games. We had originally planned on watching The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, but we ran out of time and I didn't want to cut it too close picking Julia up. So, we just watched the one move, packed up her 4,000 piece puzzle, and painted our nails! It was fun!

There are days that I don't eat breakfast until lunch time.

There have been countless times that I don't even remember how the day went in regards to what got done.

There are days that I just want to sleep...

There are many, many, many days that I wish Justin would just.take.a.nap so that I could get some peace and quiet.

There are times that I am 110% fed up with my kids by Tuesday.

There are weeks that all I want to do is dump the kids on Michael the second he walks in the door on Friday and just run away for the weekend.

But one of these days, it will all be over and I'll look back wishing I still had these crazy times.

And now for some pictures just wouldn't be as fun without them!

Julia's first day of preschool...

 And her second. I think she likes it. :-)

All three kids in their little hiding spot. July 14, 2014.

 Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand some nail pics. Because, you know. Pretty!

Full nail image stamping.

Polka Fest nails! Yes. I did my nails for Polka Fest weekend.

Glow in the dark dots! This is what I did at my sister's house. brother-in-law invited us to go to the Tigers game on September 23rd.
Well, I couldn't pass up an opportunity for themed nails again! :-)
(P.S. Tigers won, clinching the AL Championship spot four years in a row. :-D )

And that's all. I don't want to bog you all down with an abundance of pics. Maybe I'll add more at a later date!

What do you think?

God bless!

(P.S. This post in itself took me nearly four hours to type. That should give you an idea of how "easy" it is. ;-) )